Spirituality, Secular and Religious, This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am working on a book this year with Bob Mattingly and Steven James about Spirituality: Secular and Religious. It may sound a little controversial, but if you will let me sum it up in six sentences, I think you will get the idea. I wanted to mention it now because I think it has some relevance to us this holiday season.

We define spirituality as identification and/or relationship with realities greater than oneself. These greater realities can be secular or sacred, or both. They might include God, Nature, the Earth, or the communities of family, friends, and other beings with whom we share our lives.

In this sense, we are all spiritual beings who undergo spiritual development. This is a human need, necessary for human flourishing. If it weren’t a need, then we would all be happy in a cave somewhere with a stockpile of food.

This holiday season, as we gather with our diverse community of family and friends, let us be thankful for the blessings of these greater realities. Whether secular or religious, they are all sacred.

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