All the Roads are Getting Paved: Liberals and Conservatives Have Nothing to Complain About

I’ve just realized that a whole slew of our country’s problems are essentially nonexistent.

As I see it, the main quarrel between liberals and conservatives is over how tax money is spent. Almost none of us likes to pay taxes, but almost all of us agrees that they are necessary. The bulk of the argument is over how this tax money is distributed. Liberals want their money spent on paving roads, education, and social programs. Conservatives want their money spent on paving roads, business-friendly programs, and the military. What no one seems to realize is that everyone is getting what they want.

The money that liberals pay in taxes is going toward education, social programs, and paving roads. The money that conservatives pay in taxes is going toward the military, business-friendly programs, and paving roads. So what is all the fuss about? You are all getting what you want for your money, and wanting to dictate how the other side spends their money is very un-American of you. Knock it off. All the roads are getting paved.

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