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A Story About You and Me: Myth, Demythologization, and the Surplus of Meaning, on the Eve of the Opening of the Museum of the Bible

“TWO creation stories? What do you mean the Bible has TWO creation stories?” Well, in the first one, God creates the earth, populates it with animals, and then creates men and women to have stewardship over it. “And the second … Continue reading

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All the Roads are Getting Paved: Liberals and Conservatives Have Nothing to Complain About

I’ve just realized that a whole slew of our country’s problems are essentially nonexistent. As I see it, the main quarrel between liberals and conservatives is over how tax money is spent. Almost none of us likes to pay taxes, … Continue reading

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Incentive-based Education

To any of my fellow Americans who would like to pay teachers based on performance: You can’t afford us.

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